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7/29/2011 8:54:51 AM

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Anyone who has an aquarium controller ; what do you think of the brand you bought? Was it worth the money? Does it make the hobby more or less enjoyable?
Ill start.
I originally bought a Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper Lite set-up.I had it for about a month and it worked fine but I soon realized that four modules just wasn't going to be enough for me so I elected to take advantage of DAs exchange program where you can buy a ReefKeeper Elite head unit for a discount price and send in your Light version for a 50 dollar refund.
Ok so then I went all out and bought the NET module and the MLC which is the moonlight controller. Unfortunately this is when the weakness of the ReefKeeper's programming came into the equation and I began to have problems with the system starting and restarting.Most of those issues have been resolved.DA has a forum that they semi-monitor to help people and other users try to help each other also.So most of my woes have been relieved.
I will say that the controller has made a me better reefer by thrusting the params right in my face.Never having to set another analog timer has been great.The fact that I can obsessively monitor my tanks params while anywhere in the world via internet is comforting to be sure ( I did already have the ability to see the tank through a 24/7 webcam on my webpage Many of the abilities of the system Im sure I haven't even begun to use.So I would have to say I am very glad I got an aquarium controller.As far as the question of if I got the best controller out there I would have to say that for the price I dont think you can do better than this machine.Even with all its buggyness ,its a sound design and they are constantly upgrading the firmware.Yes there are days when I want to set it alight and run away screaming but hey that's life .
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Home » General Reef Discussion » Aquarium Controllers

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